Sidewalk Violations

JB General Contracting knows how annoying it can be to receive a Sidewalk Violations notice. But that’s not a problem if you call us to mitigate it. JB is DOT Certified in sidewalk violations and repairs and is fully licensed and insured.
Briefly, NY law requires the property owner to, at their own expense, install and repair sidewalks that are abutting their property, and makes them potentially liable for injuries caused by not doing it. Once a violation is received, you have essentially 45 days to make the correction or they can hire a contractor to do it for you and you must pay that cost or risk a lien to your property.   

Don’t wait for this to happen. JB General Contracting is recognized by the various city agencies that cite residential and commercial sidewalk violations and we can correct the problems promptly and affordably.  

As the NYC site states, most of the common problems that trigger citations are collapsed sidewalks, broken concrete or projecting hardware trip hazards, tree roots breaking through, or the results of do-it-yourself patchwork, and sloping areas. These are all correctable infractions as shown in our Concrete Repair gallery.  

JB General Contracting is your most reliable source to correct and repair concrete sidewalk violations. We do it right, we do it on time, and we do it affordably.