Snow Removal Service NY

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JB General Contracting is well known to commercial clients as one of this area’s leading snow removal experts. When a heavy snowfall threatens the economy, our crews automatically respond and are out clearing the parking lots at large commercial retail outlets, hotels, condos, offices, and apartment complexes, making work possible for those who must carry on business as usual.

We do it all 24 hours a day during the winter storm season, and because the areas we clear come in all sizes and configurations, we employ the use of commercial grade snowplows, payloaders, salt spreaders and old-fashioned shoveling.

We even offer ice management and control during and after the snowfall has subsided, utilizing concrete friendly calcium chloride pellets that work swiftly and safely.

JB General Contracting is fully insured and keeps communication open to our customers during these snow events. You can call us anytime for a free estimate for your property.